You implemented systems, what next?! We help define KPIs, visualise data, generate insights, and perform statistical and predictive modeling, to analyse your data and improve your business processes and returns from business activities.

CRM Lead Life Cycle Analysis
An interactive dashboard visualising a lead's lifecycle in Excel

Excel can be surprisingly powerful and the above is an interactive dashboard designed without using macros. All elements in the dashboard - Progress Bars, Pies, Stack Bar, Text, etc. are dynamic based on Slicers / Filters. Additional dropdowns (CQ, Opp Count) changes the frequency and units, and formats text accordingly.

Online Advertising and CRM Dashboard
Dashboard analysing CRM and Online Advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads)

We also design reports and dashboards using Tableau and SQL Server Reporting Service. In addition to using data from simple tables and views, we also design and implement multidimensional OLAP cubes that process 100s of millions of rows in a relatively short period of processing time.

Sample SSAS OLAP Cube
A sample SQL Server Analysis Services Development