If you are a small or medium business with a limited set of processes, prototyping for an enterprise application, or needs to plan for or capture data in a process specific to only a subset of an organisation, we can build Tools using MS Excel or MS Access.

All our tools designed in Excel or Access are intuitive, dynamic, and configurable, and are designed with minimal maintenance and scalability in mind. They do not break if you add columns/rows or move the layout around, and can be easily migrated to a more standard database and application system. The User interface is designed with guidance colours and formatting to be user-friendly and intuitive. The users can also manage most master data, without IT or our help.

CRM Campaign Planning Tool
A tool to plan CRM campaigns across countries and segments of the organisation
Risk Assessment Matrix Tool
A Risk Assessment Matrix tool to compare vendors and other categories for risk

Click here to see more about our Scenario Assessment Matrix tool.

MS Access Business Management Tool
Sample MS Access tool to manage business activities