Time Keeping & Usage Analysis

Originally built as a factory time and production analysis system for a Steel Designer / Fabricator / Errector, this product can be customized to track how the resources (people / machinery) in your production environment are utilized, and can be used to identify and analyse areas that help you improve efficiency and reduce wasted idle time.

The product system is made up of three parts:

  1. Time Keeping Web Application
  2. Time Usage Analysis Reports
  3. Production Capacity Analysis Reports

The Time Keeping web application is very simple, easy to learn and use, and responsive to be used on a mobile phone or tablet device. It is intended to be used by a designated time keeper or foreman in the factory, and requires minimal text typing, and is more of a click interface.

Data entry view
Easy to use data entry view of the time keeping web application

The application records various status changes while performing a job by an employee or machinery, such as Production, Regular Break, Machine Breakdowns, Lack of raw materials, Absent operator, etc.

Thus, you can later analyse how productive a resource's time was, and identify where there are areas for improvement. There are already many views created and ready to be used, but we can create more specific to your requirement and business scenario.

Productivity trend analysis
Graph showing daily trends in factory production (hours per metric and productivity %)
Focus problem areas
Quickly focus on problem areas that need to addressed to improve productivity
Overall production analysis
Analyse overall production, attainments, job performance, ROI, etc.